Undergraduate Thesis Students. There are a number of openings in the lab for students to complete a full year undergraduate research thesis. Please review the information on this website to see what kind of work that we do and then contact Dr. Gillis (tgillis@uoguelph.ca) regarding your interest.

Graduate Students There are currently openings in the lab for both MSc and PhD students. These projects will extend our recent work (PLoS One, 2011) demonstrating that cold acclimation causes an increase in connective tissue content in the trout heart and that warm acclimation has the reverse effect.  These projects will utilize transcriptomics as well as cultured cells to examine the pathways that regulate connective tissue in the trout heart. If you are a Canadian student, or a student with their own funding, please contact Dr. Todd Gillis at: tgillis@uoguelph.ca for further information.