Current Openings:

MSc in Environmental Physiology 

Fall 2013 or Winter 2014

Our model study species the amphibious mangrove rivulus 

We are currently looking for a student(s) to work on one of the three major questions related to respiration and osmoregulation that are currently under study in our lab:

1. How do amphibious animals osmoregulate when moving between water and air?

2. What physiological and morphological changes are necessary for fish to survive for prolonged periods on land?

3. How do aquatic animals regulate ammonia excretion in variable environments?

Studies may involve whole animal physiology, molecular and cellular techniques, histological methods among others. 

If interested please contact Dr. Wright at patwrigh@uoguelph.ca 


As always, any graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with a keen interest in environmental physiology and a strong academic record are encouraged to apply for positions in the lab. Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website at the University of Guelph for more information.

Students and postdocs with scholarships or funding will be given priority, although positions may be available for students without prior funding.