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Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Lesson Learned | Comparative Physiology @ Guelph

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Lesson Learned

About the Workshop

Date: February 27th2010

Location: Atrium New Science Complex

The University of Guelph has implemented an Environmental Science Research Initiative (ESRI) designed to advance the University's strength in environmental sciences and to provide new research opportunities.  We have received fundingfrom this initiative to host a workshop at the University of Guelph entitled:"Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Lesson Learned".  This symposium aims to provide a space fordiscussion of what is currently understood about endocrine disruptingpharmaceuticals in the environment and how we can focus our research and policy efforts to new chemicals of concern (COCs). This symposium is free for everybody. We specifically encourage faculty and students from UoG to participate. The main components of the workshop are plenary lectures by national and international experts in these fields as well as a round table discussion at the end of the workshop.  In addition students canpresent posters in the afternoon of the workshop. The goal of this initiativeis to promote discussion with researchers, policy makers and guests.



Registration for this event is free. Please register in advance by sending an email to Ashley Miller. Include your name, email address and affiliation. In case you are planning on presenting a poster please include title, authors and abstract. This will assist us in the planning.

We look forward to your attendance.


Student Posters

We are now accepting abstracts from both graduate and undergraduate student for poster displays.  Please include your abstract and list of authors in your Registration (see above). 

Posters are to be no larger than 3 x 4 feet.


Plenary Lectures (Speakers confirmed)

9.00   - Introductory remarks Andreas Heyland


9.15   - Dr. Jerrold Heindel - National Institute of Environmental Health Science - National Institute of Health (NIEH-NIH) (Cellular, Organs and Systems Pathobiology Branch)
Title: The Developmental Origins of Disease: Role of Environmental Pharmaceuticals and Epigenetic Mechanisms


10.00 - Dr. Judith McKenzie - University of Guelph

Title: Pharmaceutical contaminants and their effects on the health of women and children


10.45 - 11.00 - Coffee break


11.00 - Dr. Karen Kidd - The University of New Brunswick 

Title:Is the birth control pill an effective form of contraception for wild fish?


11.45 - 13.15 - Lunch break


13.15 - Dr. Vance Trudeau - The University of Ottawa 

Title: Human pharmaceuticals disrupt reproductive neuroendocrine control processes in aquatic vertebrates


14.00 - Dr. Bryan Brooks - Baylor University

Title: Read-across - Comparative and predictive considerations for pharamaceuticals in the aquatic environment.


14.45 - Dr. Lynn Frewer -Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Title: Public perceptions of risk - implications the policy process associated with pharmaceuticals in the environment


15.30 - 16.00 - Discussion/Questions/Concluding Remarks


16.00 - 17.30 - Poster Session/Social





























Back (ltr): Andreas Heyland, Vance Trudeau, Judith McKenzie, Bryan Brooks, Jerry Heindel, Keith Solomon

Front (ltr): Lynn Frewer, Karen Kidd, Ashley Miller



Organizing committee:

Dr. Andreas Heyland (Integrative Biology)

Ashley Miller (Integrative Biology)

Dr. GlenVan Der Kraak (Integrative Biology)

Dr.Keith Solomon (Environmental Biology)

Dr. Paul Sibley (Environmental Biology)

Dr.Hongde Zhou (Department of Engineering)

Sponsored by the School of Environmental Sciences



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